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Yawning - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you yawned at the moment of communication with other people, and therefore you were in an awkward situation, it is evidence that in reality you want to have an active holiday and a bright life rich with variety of events. Despite the fact that you make every effort to escape from everyday situations just for a while and enjoy life, in the foreseeable future your wish will not come true.

If you dreamed of other people yawning in one room with you, it tells that soon some terrible misfortune might happen to your loved one. This problem will affect the health of a person strongly.

Miller interpreted a dream in which you yawn in the company of a boring person, as a harbinger of upcoming news from friends or relatives who live in another region. This news will please you, as it will state about the happy event or the solution of a long-standing problem.

If a girl defiantly yawns in the presence of her loved one, it is a bad sign, presaging the separation and loneliness. The breakup with the present partner will be her fault, because her boyfriend can’t forgive her betrayal or defamatory act on her part. However, the separation won’t upset the dreamer greatly, and soon she will look for a new lover, but her attempts will fail.

If a young girl in love dreamed of her bellowed yawning in her presence, it tells that their relationship will soon develop to a higher level. Probably, the dreamer will get married, as she will receive a beautiful proposal from her sweetheart.