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Horoscope for October: Aquarius

In October the representatives of Aquarius zodiac sign will get all life pleasures. During this period, the work of most of you will develop well. Now you can get moral and material reward for own efforts, and the embodiment of plans will be easy. Even if some of the obstacles emerge, it will only push you forward and you will begin acting. You will strive for excellence in all areas of your life, but the stars warn you of intolerance, as it may interfere with satisfaction of your desires.

In personal life, you will also experience success and share your positive emotions. You are not afraid of any rivals, and you will be able to beat them uniquely. But stars warn you that during this period you should not provoke your lover by jealousy, otherwise exactly the same situation could be repeated with you.

In love stars foretell different interesting affairs for Aquarius in October. Some of you may now feel the desire for change in your personal life, especially if you are alone. And this month, you will have many chances for you to find love. But you will know the person only after some time, so do not rush with conclusions. If you have a partner, this month will be a period of reassessment of relations and the solution of accumulated problems. In this period stars will help you in speedy resolution of many problems, so you should not sit idly. You will show great care for your partner and it will help you to find the keys to the mysteries of his/her nature. Couples, who have children, will have minor problems, but you will be able to deal with them if don’t criticize your children all the time.

Career and finance horoscope for October for Aquarius says that it will be a favorable period for new beginnings and the realization of own plans. You only need to consider all detail of your plan of achieving goals. In this case, you will avoid any problems for sure, and important issues will be successfully implemented. This month, you can deal with important documentation related to inspections or make a successful business trip. If to talk in more detail about business communication, in October Aquarius will be extremely sociable, and this in turn will bring good results, but only if you don’t waste your precious time for idle talks. If you want to start own business, you should not worry - the new enterprise will not have any problems with registration or any material losses. But at the same time it is not a good period to make any changes in the existing contracts.

Your financial condition will not deteriorate in October; in this respect you will experience peace and tranquility. Revenues remain stable, and special charges are not expected.

Health horoscope for Aquarius advises to be confident about the state of own body and mind. However, no matter how you feel, you still need to keep your body and health under control. Do not forget about healthy eating, take vitamin and mineral complex and strengthen your musculoskeletal system.