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There is an everlasting dispute about the nature, meaning and aim of night dreams. What are those pictures we see at night? Why does a person see them? Are they something we have to pay particular attention to? And finally whether night dreams can tell us the truth about our future?

Since ancient times, people try to get to the bottom of this mystery. Every epoch has its own understanding of it. The only pattern is known for sure: The more developed the society becomes, the more pragmatic meaning the question of dreams acquires.

Due to the technological progress, there are mechanisms that can observe a man’s brain processes when he/she is asleep. Regarding it, all mysteries of night dreams phenomenon are dispelled: scientists assert that it is nothing else but the sign of switching to a deeper sleep stage and the consequences of a brain activity at night.

Nobody doubts in our scientists’ knowledge and professionalism, although we don’t cast aside the possibility that these pictures still carry a deeper meaning for a man’s destiny. How else can be explained such cases when a man saw a fearful dream, woke up and went out of the house right before its roof fell down; or when a man followed somebody who is dead and soon fell severely ill or kept this person company in the other world?

Such weird and inexplicable events strike us to the core that is why we created this collection of dreams’ interpretations based on the most famous and authoritative books of dreams. Hopefully, our book of dreams’ interpretations will change your life only for the better!

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