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13 Tips for a better sleep

If you feel that a disturbed night sleep has got up your nose, do not sit back and do nothing. You must understand that the chances that the things will sort themselves out without your interfering are nil.

1. Getting at the heart of the matter. Firstly, you should apply to a doctor with your problem. After a medical examination, it can come out that a bad sleep is a symptom of some disease that lies beneath. You may be prescribed some medications which will cure you of it. Consequently, you will get rid of your night torments.

2. Forget about stress. If medical tests show that you are healthy, then you have to start looking for the reason in your mental state and environment you live (and sleep!) in. The most common reason why people have a bad sleep at night is stress. Probably, you take different problems to heart. Try to abstract your mind from them a little. Bear in mind that stress influences not only the quality of our sleep, but also our state of health and mind, productivity, relationships with other people, appearance, rate of aging processes and longevity.

3. Physical exercises. Stay active during a day; form a habit to be engaged in physical activities of different kind. It will make your body trim and healthy. Eventually, your self-rating will become higher, you will be more confident; you will forget about a backache (especially, if you have a sedentary work); your mood will be good that will help you to improve your relations with other people. Besides, it is a fact that physical activities during a day will obligatory make your sleep deeper and more peaceful because your organism will have to be more intense in compensating the energy you have consumed and analyzing the information you have got during a day.

However, doing strenuous physical exercises 2-3 hours before a bedtime is not recommended. Why? While doing them, our organism is secreting a stress hormone that is called ‘cortisol’ which makes us alert. That is why it can be rather difficult to fall asleep (if impossible); also, it can be an obstacle in having a deep and relaxing enough sleep by us.

However, this recommendation does not refer to yoga. Its practicing is even advisable before going to bed – it makes a man’s body totally relaxed as well as helps to get rid of negative thoughts and stay pacific which promote a deep and restful night sleep.

4. No food. Don’t get me wrong. It does not mean that a man must eat not a bit to sleep well at night. On the contrary, balanced and healthy nutrition is a guarantee of a peaceful and deep sleep! The thing is that it is discouraged to stuff full 2-3 hours before going to bed as well as to eat a heavy, junk, high-caloric, spicy, sugary, ready-to-cook food. If you are hungry, have a bite with fresh fruit or vegetable. It will satisfy your hunger and do no harm to your stomach and night sleep.

Keeping a diet due to different reasons (to lose weight, after an organism’s intoxication, etc.) can be a cause of a disturbed night sleep and insomnia too. Do not be overzealous and unreasonable!

5. Say ‘No’ to caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. If you don’t have enough will-power to refuse taking this stuff or you just don’t want to, at least try to restrict its consuming before going to bed. You will apparently sleep badly if you provide your organism with a caffeine, nicotine or alcohol dose 4-6 hours before a bedtime.

Many people are sure that alcohol cannot harm falling asleep quickly and sleeping deeply because they feel drowsy right after the first shot. They are partially right. There is really a sleep-inducing effect in the beginning. But they probably don’t know that with some time it turns into a wake-up effect which is an obvious reason why we often cannot sleep well at night after a party.

Remember that not only coffee contains caffeine but tea, cola and chocolate as well.

Let a cup of chamomile tea or a glass of warm milk with honey substitute a usual cup of black or green tea, coffee or a glass of wine before going to bed. They help a person to calm down and relax.

6. Taking a nap. On one hand, it is logical to assume that if you don’t take a nap during a day at all, your nocturnal sleep will be deeper because your organism will need more efforts to restore the losses. But on the other hand, if your organism requires having some rest during a day, you may try to satisfy this request. Otherwise, it can deteriorate your ability to judge soundly and be reasonable. If you have such an opportunity, take a nap during no more than 30-45 minutes not to be a sleepy man with a headache. Regarding scientific investigations, this time is quite enough to regain strength.

7. Taking a bath. A warm bath relaxes and cleans your body. Drowsiness is caused by the changes of your body temperature: it rises when you are immersing into warm water and drops when you have got out of it. You can also use herbal bath salt which has a relaxing effect and create a special atmosphere by lighting candles all around and turning on peaceful music.

8. Massage. If you have someone beside you who can give you a massage before going to bed, you are a lucky devil – you must sleep like a baby after that. Getting a massage in a daytime at a massage parlor or wherever is a good idea too. It will make you less strained during a day. Moreover, a regular massage is invaluable for your body muscles. You will feel better already after the very first séance.

9. A book & TV. Many people are promoted to fall asleep by reading a book or watching TV. While some experts approve this way of entering a night sleep, others say that it is not the best idea. To their point of view, there should be nothing in front of a man’s eyes; his/her brain must stay without work when a man goes to bed. It is your choice what to be occupied with before a bedtime. The main is to avoid activities that keep you alert and anxious.

10. A bedtime is when you are really tired. Do not make yourself fall asleep if you feel that it is not what you want. Go to bed only when you are sure that you need to have a rest. If not, stand up, fill a glass of warm milk, read a book, walk about an apartment/house. Usually, in 20 minutes a person becomes drowsy.

11. Wear comfortable pajamas. It is another important factor of having a good night rest. It should not be warm or light as well as tight. It should be pleasant to your body, or you should not feel it on you at all. If pajamas are inappropriate, a person may not only have a disturbed sleep, but also see nightmares.

12. Fresh air. Form a habit of letting in some fresh air into your bedroom while you are preparing to go to bed. It will be even better if you leave a window ajar for a whole night. It is recommended by scientists to keep the temperature in your bedroom a few degrees lower than an indoor temperature is. The most optimal temperature lies 60-68° F (16-20° C).

13. A clean bedroom. Make keeping your bedroom (as well as a house/apartment in the whole) clean a rule. Change the beddings, dust the surfaces, vacuum the carpets and clean the pillows and mattress regularly. You will see that you’ll begin breathing freely.

As you can see, there must be nothing new for you above, although adhering to these obvious recommendations is usually more problematic and difficult than a person considers. Keep to them and a disturbed sleep at night will leave you.