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An ideal bedroom for an ideal sleep

Sleep is an essential aspect of a human’s life activity. If a man has some sleep difficulties, his/her fatigue and depression will obligatory be reflected in a waking life. Consequently, there may appear problems at work, inside a family, with health and a state of mind, a person can be in an accident or injured because an alertness level has considerably dropped. As you can see the side-effects of a sleep loss at night and drowsiness during a day can be irreparable; your whole life can be derailed. If you have some problems with sleep (not taking into consideration medical reasons for this), there are some tips which must help you to remove them.

Very often, the reason why people cannot fall asleep for a long time, always turn over in a bed, wake up several times in the middle of the night or have nightmares lies in their bedrooms - they are not equipped properly for a deep and undisturbed sleep.

A comfortable bed. It is rather important to choose a bed or a mattress that seems comfortable for you. Every person has his/her own physical peculiarities that’s why it is advisable to test a bed or a mattress before buying it. Experts’ opinions differ when it comes to the question how much time a person needs to understand that he/she is satisfied with a bed or mattress – some of them affirm that 15-minute testing will be enough, others insist on applying only to the shops which have a service of a probation period for no less than 30 days. Remember that a mattress is to be of moderate stiffness and straight to be useful for your posture.

Bedding. You’d better choose bedding made of natural fiber in soothing colors. The material will be pleasant for your skin and won’t provoke allergic reactions. According to a lot of studies, the most soothing colors are the shades of blue. However, muted and dusty shades of other colors also have a calming effect. Among them are soft blue, grey blue, aqua blue, pale green, dusty pink, lavender, beige, pale grey. The main thing here is to choose a color which does not offend the eye.

A bedroom color. According to the investigations, the people who sleep in blue, yellow, green or silver bedrooms sleep deeper and longer comparing with the ones who have red, grey, brown or purple bedrooms.

You may say that there is no difference what color the walls of your bedroom are painted in – it is dark in your room when you are falling asleep all the same. You are right. A color of your bedroom walls influences a quality of your sleep to a lesser extent than a quality of your waking up. Thus, it can affect your mood, cheerfulness, concentration, readiness to get down to work, etc.

Noise. It is a fact that a human’s ear perceives quiet and loud sounds the same when a man is trying to fall asleep. That is why steps of a dog/cat and hard rock at a neighbor’s irritate equally. To have a good night sleep, you should do everything to reduce such noises not only for the time when you are starting to doze off, but also for the whole night because they can wake you up and it may be difficult for you to fall asleep again. For this purpose, you can use white noise apps. It is special programs with specific noise recorded. It ‘protects’ your ear from unwanted noises when you are sleeping and provides a deeper and more relaxing sleep.

Furthermore, there is a theory that the noises around us while we are sleeping influence our dreams. Our brain perceives them and analyzes. It can be one of the reasons why we have bad ones.

Temperature in a bedroom. Scientists state that for sweet dreams and a pleasant sleep an optimal temperature in a bedroom is not more than 75° F (24° C) and not less than 54° F (12°C). A perfect temperature lies between 60-68° F (16-20° C). It should be lower than an indoor one definitely. You should be enveloped in fresh air while sleeping for your brain to be rich in oxygen.

Light. There are many versions why people sleep at night. One of them claims that it is a natural reaction of our organism to day-night cycles. So, when it is time for you to get a nocturnal rest, you’d better turn all lights off (or at least dim them). It will facilitate the process of falling asleep for you and make it deeper.

A bedroom is for a sleep and sex only. Get out of the habit to use your bedroom as an office, living-room, and dining-room at the same time. The same concerns your bed. Do not work or eat abed. Form a reflex: when you see your bed, your brain and body must start preparing to sleep. Also, try not to keep electronics (TV sets, computers, notebooks, cell-phones) in your bedroom, especially near your bed. The radiation they are emitting can cause many terrifying diseases and hinder from a sound night sleep.

Air quality. The amount of oxygen in our organism (brain in particular) defines the quality of our sleep. That is why there always must be fresh air in your bedroom (not only when you are sleeping). It is recommended to use humidifiers in winter and dehumidifiers in summer. Or you can just open a window for a night or for a period when you are preparing to go to bed to let some fresh air in. It is more useful if you live out of a polluted town/city.

There are the things we usually do not pay attention to, but they play an important role in a normal running of our life activities. You can smooth away any sleep problem with your own hands. Look around your bedroom and take corresponding measures if there is something that can disturb your peaceful sleep.