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Can a sleeping position say anything about you as a couple?

The answer is definitely “Yes”. The psychologists have made a research and found out that much can be said about the relationships of a couple regarding its sleeping position. It can show whether there are any problems with you and how close you are. Sometimes, the result can astonish you.

The thing is that when we are asleep, we cannot control our moves and choose the position to sleep in (it is about a rather deep sleep). Our subconsciousness is doing it for us. That is why it is considered that our sleeping position (body language) beside our sweetheart shows our sincere and honest attitude towards him/her. If there are any things about your attitude to your darling you would like to keep to yourself, you will hardly manage to do it at least while you are sleeping.

A sex expert Tracey Cox has helped us to decipher the most common couples’ sleeping positions.

  1. A spoon: when one is embracing another facing the same direction.

    It is the position in which happy couples sleep. It characterizes partners as the ones who are totally confident in one another; each of them represents support for the other that’s why they feel safe. It looks as if a partner who is hugging the other tries to protect him/her from all misfortunes in waking life. The most important feature of this couple is that they are truly in love.

  2. Back to back but touching: partners are turned away from one another; they are facing different directions, although there is a direct tactile contact between them.

    According to the survey’s results, it is the most favorable position among the couples – 42% of them like to sleep like this. It is not surprising! Each of them has his/her personal space without forgetting about his/her beloved beside. Such a literal interpretation can serve as a figurative one to describe the warmth of their relationships.

    Each of them must have a strong will-power and know for sure what he/she wants in this life. If to speak about a young couple, probably they are the people who are not used to be rushed off their feet by an invading feeling of love; they don’t lose their personality having entered into the relations with someone (it does not mean at all that they are not really in love; it points to their natures).

    Moreover, experienced married couples prefer such a sleeping position as well. It symbolizes that they have gone through a lot of stuff in their life together that made their relations even stronger and more valuable.

    It is OK to sleep with your beloved back to back only under a condition that the distance between you two is no more than 1 inch. The investigations have proved that 86% of happy couples sleep less than 1 inch away from one another. Otherwise, it can mean that your darling’s touching is unpleasant to you. In its turn, it may be grounded on tense relationships and dissatisfaction with your life together. There are apparently some problems with you as a couple to be fixed.

  3. Facing the same direction but not touching (like a spoon position but with some space between you).

    Do not be afraid of the word “not touching” here. It does not mean that there are some troubles with your relationships. On the contrary, it means that you are a balanced couple, who trust one another fully. You do not require from your partner to be beside you 24/7. Good for you! Many couples have serious problems or even break up because of such a selfish demand. You should understand that there must be space for personal interests, self-perfection and freedom for each of the partners. Otherwise, the things between you will never work out.

  4. Face-to-face.

    This sleeping position is one of the most unpopular ones with couples. Only about 4% of them prefer it. No wonder. You only think how uncomfortable it is… Well, it is their personal preference.

    What such a sleeping position can tell about its fans? Obviously, there is an emotional connection between the partners; they cannot quench their thirst with one another (maybe, their romance has just begun). At this time, everything goes alright; how long this idyll will last is up to them.

  5. A sweetheart’s cradle. It is when one from the couple is lying on his back (commonly, it is a man) and the other one – on his chest (or a little lower than a shoulder).

    Such a sleeping position is a sign of incredible affection and tenderness that each member of a couple feels. It symbolizes a woman’s readiness and desire to be guided and protected by this man; she feels that if she is with him, she will be as safe as houses. In its turn, a man is also ready to take care of his woman; probably, he intends to do everything for her not to be in need of anything. Appreciate and treasure these relations because the relations like these ones are given only once in life.

  6. Facing each other with feet touching.

    Regarding this position’s interpretation, it is similar to the ones with facing the same direction but not touching and lying back to back but touching.

    These people are reasonable and caring about one another; they are always ready to help and support one another if necessary (they may have already been in such tough situations). What distinguishes them from all other couples in love is that they are not ready to sacrifice their personal freedom and personality to any relationships. They highly appreciate a private space; they think that everybody should have it and nobody else is allowed to break it, even this person’s beloved. That is why they have learnt (or are learning) to trust one another.

  7. Both are on the edge of a bed.

    Such a sleeping position is called a pre-divorce one for a reason. There is too much space between a couple when they are sleeping like this. As we already know, the statistics say that it is alright if a person wants to have his/her personal space at night but only if it is no more than 1 inch from his/her partner. If a distance is more, they must have some problems to solve.

    An important factor here is tactile. The members of a couple can lie rather far from one another (it signifies that they like and need personal freedom even being in relationships with someone), but while one of them is touching another with some part of his/her body, there is no need to worry.

Even if there is no your sleeping position on our list, you can decipher it on your own. Now you know two crucial factors you have to pay attention to – distance and touch. Maybe, it will push you to start solving your hidden conflicts which can save you as a couple.