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Sleeping positions of one person. Their meanings.

Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the UK Sleep Assessment Advisory Service, claim that each person prefers to sleep in some particular position at night, although he/she may change them during the whole life. It is possible to define what a person is by nature regarding what positions he/she chooses to sleep in. Professor distinguishes 6 main sleeping positions:

  1. Fetus/Thinker: a man is lying on one side curled up; one hand is near a chin. It is the most popular position (41% out of 1,000 people who took part in the investigation prefer it), especially among women. It is a good position for a spine and neck; neither hands nor legs become numb; a man is not snoring; it is very comfortable for pregnant women.

    What can be said about the people who like sleeping in fetus position? They usually seem strict and inaccessible from their appearance, but when you get to know them better, you will be pleasantly surprised at their sensitivity, sincerity and warm-heartedness.

  2. Log. 15% of respondents prefer this position: a man is on his/her side with back and legs straight and arms on each side.

    Such a position reduces a backache and a neck pain at the same time inducing a pain in shoulders and arms.

    The people who like to sleep like this are relaxed and sociable; they find a common language with strangers pretty easily and quickly and aim at being the focus of attention.

  3. Yearner: a person is on his/her side with the arms stretched out in front of him/her, a back and legs are slightly bent. 13% consider this position the most comfortable for sleeping.

    Its shortcoming is that a person can feel pain in a head and back as well as in a shoulder and arm.

    The people who sleep like this the most part of the night are open and amicable, but they won’t become the best friends from the very first meeting; at the first stages of your acquaintance, they will be rather suspicious and distrustful. Also, they are very reasonable; they don’t like to make hasty decisions– they need some time to think everything over. But when they are done, their decision is final and conclusive.

  4. Soldier: a man is flat on his/her back with the arms on each side (8%).

    It is considered to be the best position for your back and neck, but a man lying on his/her front is likely to snore.

    These ‘soldiers’ are quiet and calm; also, they always try to reach a new height working on their self-development.

  5. Freefaller (7%): a person is on his/her front with the hands around a pillow. Because a person’s head is tilted by 90°, there is serious strain on his/her neck. But they say that such a position is good for digestion.

    Freefallers are rather nervous and quick-tempered; they do not stand criticism concerning them; also, they often make impulsive decisions which they may regret about in the future.

  6. Starfish (5%): a man is on his/her back with his/her arms up.

    This position is a good one because you won’t have wrinkles on your face and skin breakouts in the morning. But it can be harmful for your back and neck. You’d better put a pillow under your knees to reduce pressure on them. Also, a man can snore in such a position.

    Starfish are very amicable. They are good friends and listeners; they don’t like to be in the limelight. Such a person prefers to help you to be the focus of a public attention rather than be it himself/herself.

If you feel pain in your back or neck and your limbs have become numb, it is an alarm sign. Maybe, you have to change your favorite sleeping position as soon as possible not to get serious problems with health. Moreover, suffering pains in a sleep can be a reason for a disturbed sleep and nightmares. Try to pay attention to a position you are falling asleep in. Make sure that it is appropriate for you.