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Everyone knows what sleep deprivation can lead to:

After looking through such a long list of different misfortunes which can greatly influence both your health and the whole life, the idea to stay awake all night long seems no longer so innocent. Unfortunately, sometimes we do not have a choice. A project, report and preparation for an exam couldn’t care less about our daily routine.

When a person does not sleep at night, circadian rhythm of a man’s organism is broken with his/her own hand. Circadian rhythm is each person’s body clock which mostly depends on the availability of natural light (day-night cycles) and establishes the time when it is necessary for a particular organism to have a rest and for how long. Also, circadian rhythms are responsible for hormones, body temperature, etc. Each person has his/her own Circadian rhythm due to the organism’s sustainability.

It is rather hard to resist circadian rhythm patterns: if a person dies from drowsiness, he/she has to go through a really difficult period of time. That is why it is extremely dangerous and not recommended to drive in such a state! A man’s condition when he/she is deprived of sufficient amount of sleep equals to the one when he/she is drunk. There can be periods of energy surge when you might think that the devil is not as dark as it is painted, but they are temporary. A little bit later, you will inevitably feel even more fatigued, depressed, your reaction will become slower, thoughts and speech rambling, movements uncoordinated.

However, there is a chance that your brain will work almost as effectively as if you are not experiencing sleep deprivation. 16 adults who did not sleep for 35 hours were asked to try to cope with a pretty complicated task, and they succeeded. The thing is that a human brain possesses an unbelievable ability to pull itself up and set in motion different areas it would not use without necessity; it begins to involve its resources left for the case of emergency. But it won’t be able to do it forever; with time, the results will become worse and worse if a man does not provide his/her organism with a needed amount of sleep.

There are some ways that may help to distract your organism from an insurmountable desire to sleep when you really have to finish something important.

  1. Do not grudge a few minutes and take a nap.

    15-25 minutes will be enough for you to feel refreshed and be ready to get down to work again. During this period of time, a man enters the first and sometimes the second sleep stages: muscles become totally relaxed, a heart rate and body temperature starts to drop, all organism’s processes (including metabolism) slow down considerably; organism begins to compensate energy losses. Pay attention that it is not recommended to have a nap longer than 40-45 minutes because then it is extremely difficult to wake up. Why? Because some people can manage to enter a deep sleep stage during this time. After awakening from it, sleep inertia follows (a man wants to sleep even more; he/she does not feel rested; alertness and concentration are on a too low level for a descent work).

  2. Caffeinated drinks.

    This method of staying awake longer must be known to everyone. A man can consume such beverages as coffee, tea, energy drinks, drinks that contain guarana (berries from South America that contain twice as much caffeine as coffee beans). Also, caffeine containing pills are on offer at drug stores. 100-200 mg of this energizing substance is enough to keep a man wakeful for about 3-4 hours. As a rule, a man feels its effect in 15-30 minutes.

    But you should realize that it does not eliminate fatigue from your organism; it just disguises it. As soon as its effect vanishes, you will be ruined.

  3. Do physical exercises (directly when you feel exhausted because of sleep deprivation and during waking hours).

    They say that when a man’s muscles are loosened up, brain takes it as an example and also begins to work quicker. That’s why a person becomes more attentive and cheerful.

    There was conducted an experiment. Specialists investigated an awakening effect produced by a bar of chocolate and walking. They came to a conclusion that chocolate energizes a man for approximately an hour and walking – for at least 2 hours. They state that oxygen plays a key role here.

  4. Switch a kind of activity.

    From time to time, when you are feeling bored to death, try to distract yourself doing something else for some time. Then, go back to your main task. You’ll see that it will be much easier to continue working on it.

  5. Turn up the lights.

    A human organism reacts to the alternation of day and night. When it is dark in a room or outside, we have a strong desire to fall into sweet dreams. That is why keep bright lights in the place where you are working. It is a proved fact that a man tends to make lights dimmer or turn them off when he/she gets more and more tired. Mind and resist it.

  6. Drink water.

    Scientists found out that if a man is well hydrated, he/she has chances to stay cheerful longer.

  7. Let your eyes rest.

    If your work is connected with computers or it requires viewing something in the smallest details, you subject your eyes to the state of constant tension. It can lead to fatigue and drowsiness. Choose some time for them to relax: focus your look at something else, switch activities or simply close your eyes for a few minutes.

  8. Breathing technique.

    When you are feeling deadly tired and sleepy, try to breathe deeply. It will involve more oxygen into your organism that, in its turn, will slow your heart rate down, decrease blood pressure and improve blood circulation. It is better to practice abdomen, not chest breathing. Also, you can try to alternate short breaths with normal ones. Do this exercise for about 1 minute. This method is used in yoga.

  9. Let fresh cool air into a room.

    An organism will be more saturated with oxygen. Consequently, a brain will work more actively and repress the feeling of sleepiness.

  10. Take cold shower or wash your face with cold water.

  11. It is recommended to eat hard-boiled eggs, almonds, cashews, pecans, apples, bananas, carrots, toasts with peanut butter, brown rice, turkey, yoghurt. They will give you some energy.

Do not rely on your memory much after a sleepless night. There was carried out an experiment in which 40 adults who did not sleep for 42 hours took part. After having run a few tests, it was noticed that their memory’s capacity decreased by 38 per cent.

Sometimes, we do not have another choice but to deprive ourselves of a sufficient night sleep due to some circumstances. But it is important to realize that it is not normal, and practicing it every single night can do much harm to your health and life achievements.