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What experts recommend to eat in the morning

Unfortunately, not all of us treat breaskfast as a serious meal. Mostly it is because we do not have enough time to cook anything healthy and nourishing in the morning - sleeping a few minutes more tips the scale. Such philosophy is to be changed until it is not too late to help your organism and prolong your life in the long run.

A healthy breakfast every morning decreases the risk of falling ill with a range of diseases (cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes) and protects you from overeating during a day (especially, sweets) that prevents from becoming obese and having diabetes. Also, a substantial and healthy breakfast energizes you for the whole day ahead that is reflected in your mood, atitude to people and work, achievements, productivity and well-being.

There are conducted hundreds of investigations and observations that let single out the products that are better to consume in the morning.

Cereals. What occurs to many people at first is American or English films’ shots where their characters – children more often – eat exclusively cereals for breakfast. It is a good choice. Among people who eat different kinds of cereals in the morning there is a lower percentage of those who have excessive weight, therefore they are more protected from having heart and cardiovascular diseases. You can add into your morning cereals some fruits or berries, or eat it with milk, yoghurt and kefir that will make you forget about hunger till lunch or even dinner.

Cereals contain a range of necessary for a human organism’s functioning microelements like iron, selenium (prevents from the process of aging), chronium (promotes to get rid of excessive pounds), calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, etc.

Cereals can be of different kinds. Each cereal variety is extremely useful for a human organism because it has its unique stock of vitamins and microelements you could not imagine.

Oatmeal porridge, for instance, is rich in:

Besides, oatmeal porridge gets toxins, heavy metals salt and cholesterol out of your system.

Those who want to lose weight have to eat oatmeal porridge during 3 days. The result must pleasantly astonish you. You will gain your aim without doing harm to your organism.

Buckwheat cereal has pectin (it is useful for digestion because it helps to clean an organism from radioactive elements, ions of heavy metals and pesticides; also, it decreases cholesterol level and improves blood circulation) and lecithin in particular (50 percent of a liver is made of it; besides, it constitutes a nervous system and brain cells).

Cornmeal cereal has the ability to get chlorine and fluorine impurities out of the system.

Boiled rice is very rich in vitamin B and semolina - in iron; two tablespoons of wheat germs contain 15 percent of daily intake of vitamin E and 10 percent of folate; two tablespoons of flaxseed satisfy for 100 percent a human organism’s daily need in omega-3 fatty acids. Pearl barley porridge is an excellent product. I bet you did not know (and could not think) that it is rich in calcium, iron, iodine, phosphorus, vitamins A, D, E, B and amino acids (such as lysine which synthesizes (produces) collagen that makes your skin resilient).

If you don’t want to slave over a hot stove, you may try to prepare instant porridge. But before buying one, you’d better read the components on its pack at first. It should be obligatory done if to remember the history of its creation. Henri Nestle, a German pharmacist and entrepreneur, made up the recipe of instant porridge for his factory’s workers to spend less time on feeding their children during a day and more on work.

How is it made? They take corns, turn them into flakes and steam thoroughly. In the result, almost all vitamins evaporate (except vitamin B that is the most sustainable of all), and instant porridge at this stage does not have much value. Although it can be compensated by adding additional package of useful and essential elements that makes a man’s daily norm.

However, it is not recommended to eat frequently sweet flakes that many children like so much. Probably, you will be angst-ridden with the fact that the product you buy for your children consists of about 40 percent of sugar. This figure hides great chances to become obese, have diabetes and the range of concurrent health problems (skin and teeth beauty and health are at stake for example).

This problem has been already tackled by the British government. They concern about the health state of their compatriots and future generations and have decided to take necessary measures as soon as possible. That is why it was offered to put limitations on sugar content in different products, including sweet flakes, although some companies do not support this initiative considering that it is children’s parents who have the right to decide what to feed their children with, not government.

It is more useful to eat granary bread or rye-bread for breakfast than wheat-bread. They are full of carbohydrates, cellulose, vitamin B and minerals. It is not recommended to have wheat-bread and buns for breakfast because it is too difficult for your stomach to digest them – too much energy is needed from early morning.

Many people eat sandwich with sausages in the morning and take a cup of tea or coffee after. It is strongly prohibited to do in any time of the day because sausages contain to a greater or lesser extent nitrates which can lead to cancer tumors. They are even more harmful for a man’s organism in the morning when it is still not protected.

It is always a good idea to add some fresh or dried fruits into your porridge or eat them separately as a part of your breakfast. They will provide your organism with a needed dose of vitamins, energy and well-being for the whole day.