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A cappella - Meaning of Dream

If you are singing a cappella in your dream, it is a prognostic of routine and monotonous work, which you have to do, and there will be no escape from it.

If you hear somebody singing a cappella it is a good sign, soon you will have some brilliant and productive ideas.

Bass singing means addiction to alcohol. If you hear singing of ditties, it indicates a funny situation. To sing a song means tears or receipt of the distressing news from a loved one.

Singing psalms is a sign of melancholy, and sorrow.

To hear in a dream, like someone is singing on the street means that you can get acquainted with the little-known journalist or a writer.

If you are singing in the street - do not miss your chance, in reality you will be able to show your talent.

To sing along with someone in the dream means that in reality you agree with everybody too much, even if you have your own opinion.

To sing bass together means that in the end you will find a common language with people, the communication with whom was very difficult for you before.

If you see people singing and dancing, it means that soon you will be trapped in the epicenter of a hassle.

Singing yourself is a trouble; someone sings - news; harmonious singing - good news; false singing - a quarrel; see and hear the singer on stage - the culmination of the crisis in personal life or affairs; familiar tune – news from a friend; to join in the singing – recognition, approval of others, temptation of vanity.