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A piece of gold - Meaning of Dream

A piece of gold in dream books is interpreted as a great symbol that foretells prosperity. Gold is a sign that reflects the sun and light. Very often, gold coins are associated with the inner world and bright spirit of life.

Gold represents the reverse of the coin and indicates person's inner world, which is hidden from the eyes of other people. It is believed that such dreams are seen by people with "a heart of gold". In other words, a person is very good-natured and kind-hearted; he/she irradiates goodness and peace of mind.

If a person dreams about a large quantity of coins, it is a herald of many pleasant changes in life. Also folk saying suggest that the more gold you wear in this period, the more significant changes you will undergo.

If a person is holding gold in the hands, in reality he/she will succeed in all new activities and undertakings. Coins of gold in a dreaming symbolize love, honor and good luck of a dreamer.

According to ancient dream book, gold coins symbolize wealth, or inherited large sum of money. This is not a simple dream - apparently a dreamer is chosen by destiny and will have a lot of pleasant surprises.

Coins of gold indicate that a dreamer has to get ready for bright and joyful changes. Also, this dream symbolizes the beginning of a fascinating journey.

A very small coin is a sign of a child birth, and several of these tiny coins bode that a family will be added with not only one baby.

If a person finds a coin in a dream, in reality, he/she steps on the path of good luck and success, which will accompany a dreamer in the near future. Now his/her life will change dramatically, and the efforts and initiative will be appreciated by fate.

And if you give someone your gold coins, it is a warning about some complex stressful situation which you may get into.

If a woman gets gold as a present, the dream reflects the events of reality, which promise her happy marriage with a quite rich man.

A coin of gold, which a dreamer picked up, portends success through own merits and efforts, which he/she made for the fulfillment of the plan. But the loss of gold coins states that a dreamer may miss some very important chance in life due to lack of foresight and negligence.

If a person melts gold coins down, it signifies that in reality people once too often discuss dreamer’s life.

If you spend gold coins, you will face high costs or reckless embezzlement. In this situation, you should keep your financial savings eventually not to be left without a penny.

In summery it is worth stating that gold is a sign of good luck, the rapid growth and prosperity. Coins portend good health and an unprecedented zeal to work. A piece of gold is a sign of multiplying the savings that a person has in reality.