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Abbey - Meaning of Dream

An abbey as an ancient holly place is a vivid symbol of sanctity and divinity.

An abbey in the dream is a reflection of the necessity to control emotions. Sometimes, you can hurt someone’s feeling without even noticing it, and sometimes your affairs are held without control because you lose temper. Abbey in a dream means that your soul is in distress and needs tranquility.

If a dreamer visits an abbey – he/she is safe and no need to be worried, though this safety can be temporary. It is better to strengthen own defense with the help of skills and experience.

To come suddenly inside an abbey is a good sign; the dreamer will receive a helpful hand.

If you dreamed of abbey, it means that an affair, which you have planned, will likely be unfruitful.

If you dream that you stand inside of an abbey, it means that soon you will find yourself in a difficult situation, which will be hard to manage without losses.

In a dream it turns out that your house is an abbey, it means that in the near future visitors from afar will suddenly arrive to your house. Despite the surprise of their arrival, you will be happy as you were very close friends with these visitors a few years ago.

If you dream that you bought a house, which in the past was an abbey, it means that soon you will gain a large profit.