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Abbot - Meaning of Dream

This symbol impersonates somebody who has power over the dreamer and can force him/her to do something against the will. Also, it is a sign of restrictions, about which the dreamer doesn’t know.

If you saw an abbot in your dream – you will gain success, happiness and wellbeing.

If you see a female abbot, it is sign that you will have changes at home.

To speak with an abbot in the dream means to gain happiness in life.

To see an abbot in a dream for men means perverse thoughts, for women leads to temptation.

Dreaming of abbot means that the decision, which you have recently made, is wrong. You should reconsider own views on certain issues.

If you dreamed that you became an abbot, it means that soon you will find a new place of work. While looking for another place, be careful - there is a chance to find yourself on unsuitable post, because of your chase for a high salary.

In a dream it turned out that someone of your close friends or relatives decided to become or became an abbot - then beware of treachery from that person.

If you meet a person who states that he is an abbot, but his appearance does not match any accepted standards - be careful when meeting new people. It is possible that some of them will sail under false colors.