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Abbreviation - Meaning of Dream

If an abbreviation is written unclear, by dream interpreter you have to be ready for confusion in the affairs.

In case you happen to understand the spelling – the problems will be successfully solved. In worst case the dream indicates the deadlock in affairs.

If you try to memorize abbreviation – it is a good sign, which leads you to promotion or increase in salary.

If a dreamer doesn’t try to understand the meaning of abbreviation, this indicates that he/she is too hasty with affairs. If you try to understand it – be ready that you will face with difficult questions. If you guess the meaning of an abbreviation – you will easily solve the trouble.

If a woman writes an abbreviation by herself, it means that she will discuss her plans with colleagues.

If you dream that you are trying to understand the meaning of abbreviations, it means that you should be prepared for the fact that life will teach you by difficult lessons. Well, if you were able to guess the meaning of the letters - in this case you will easily cope with the situation.

Worse, if you can’t identify the meaning of the abbreviation – you will not be active in difficult situation, which will lead to its development.

If an abbreviation is written incorrectly or you can’t read it – you have to pay attention to domestic problems, you may quarrel with the husband (wife).

Unraveling of abbreviations is a reminder that the thoughts prevail over feelings, emotions and intuition.

Unwillingness to solve abbreviation is a reflection of haste in implementing undertaking, business or project (the need to hurry).

If you dream that other people are struggling with deciphering of abbreviations, it means that in reality you will be away from the challenge, which initially came upon you.