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Aborigine - Meaning of Dream

Aborigine in the dream indicates the development of primitive instincts of the dreamer. If you see aborigine in your dream this shows your desire to connect with nature, your necessity in wisdom and not just conclusions.

If you see an aborigine in his natural surrounding – you will have to start a new journey, where your relatives will play a major role. If aborigine was good looking and happy, it means that your journey will be quite successful. If he was dispersed or looking bad – the trip will be difficult due to the weather or transport and you will have to delay it.

However, if in your dream an aborigine was in a difficult situation and didn’t know what to do, the dream recommends postponing of a planned journey, as you might encounter all different problems and obstacles on your way. For example, there is a possibility of transport delays, the weather can be bad, or even something much worse. How serious are the difficulties can be judged by aborigine seen in a dream: if he looks very bad, the scheduled trip must be postponed without regret.

If in a dream you acquainted with an aborigine, it means that soon you will be introduced to a very special person. He will have a big impact on you, and it is possible that after meeting him you will step on completely different path in life.

If you dream that you have become an aborigine, most likely it means that you don’t treat yourself good enough; you are self-critical and estimate your abilities very low. Try to revise self-esteem.

In the dream someone of your beloved one becomes an aborigine, it means that the life of this person with change greatly.

If in your dream you feel attraction to aborigine, this indicates your fervent expression of hidden feelings.