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Abortion - Meaning of Dream

Abortion in a dream as a rule symbolizes abruption of something, refusal of plans or rejection of past ways of life. Also such surgery is a warning that some hopes will not come true, and plans will collapse.

If a man sees abortion this indicates that his lady has problems in life. If a woman sees such a dream she has to be careful with her health.

If you regret about abortion in your dream, it means that you are not quite purposeful. Try to be more persistent. If a woman decides for refuse abortion in the dream, it this means that she cannot solve her affairs connected with private life. If a woman agrees to do abortion she should be careful not to do something which can cause shame and disgrace.

If you have decided to do abortion and then changed your mind, the dream tells you that you are very concerned about future marriage and still didn’t make final choice.

If you see yourself helping somebody to do abortion, the dream means that you will be absorbed into somebody’s problems.

For surgeon such dream is an indicator of fatigue.

Abortion is a fear to lose something new, what supposed to appear in your life. It also can mean judicial mistake.

If not to consider abortion literally it can be a good sign, warning you to break some relations and stop certain deals, not to get under bad influence and undergo negative aspects with your loved ones. The dream means that you have to escape the sinking ship, while it’s not too late.