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Abrasive - Meaning of Dream

Abrasive tools in a dream warn a dreamer that he/she risks solving future problems in a bad way. Get ready for work. It will be fairly routine and boring, but as a result you will achieve simply brilliant success and will create a foundation for further strengthening of material prosperity.

If you clean cooker with abrasive in a dream – in real life be aware of tricks. If you brush teeth with abrasive you will be trapped in unpleasant condition very suddenly. The purchase of abrasive cleaning unit will lead to long-lasting tedious occupation.

To receive it as a present means that soon you will have a nice time. If in your dream you feel how you touch abrasive surface, it means that in real life you will solve your troubles, which will be worthy experience for you.

If abrasive item falls on your head you will get to know everything you wanted, but this will not save you from problems.

The surface treated with abrasive means the beginning of a good period in business and personal life. If you touch it – then you will have a little trouble, but it won’t affect the general course of events.

In a dream you happened to use abrasive, it means that you will have some not very good ideas, which will not help you to get out of a difficult situation. If you dreamed that it was done by someone else, then you will be directly affected by other people's difficulties.

If you dream that you are using an abrasive, it means that you feel an irresistible urge to get rid of some problems which torment you.

If you dream that you bought an abrasive, it means that soon you will encounter many small troubles. Do not take them too seriously. If you dream that you present an abrasive beware of hidden enemies.

If you dream that you find an abrasive, it is quite possible that in a short time you will lose a large sum of money.

If you dream, that you open a jar of coffee or anything else and you suddenly discover an abrasive there, it means that you will be betrayed by a person whom you really trust.