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Abrek - Meaning of Dream

To see an abrek in your dream means to be on the way to changes, especially changes in point of view.

If you fight with an abrek, you will soon acquire enemies. An abrek means revenge and threat.

To see an abrek in ancient clothes in a dream means that you can achieve success through your perseverance and determination.

Sometimes he could mean your friend - brave and fearless fan who treats you with great respect. In order not to lose such a person, you have to show your care and affection.

Abrek – is a man of old-fashioned views, smart and suave, unless it is a wild mountaineer, whose eyes are glowing so scary in the dark that you wake up in horror.

To talk with an abrek means a wise far-sighted act; to observe the actions of an abrek mean sorrow about the loss of a very important and necessary love situation for you; to see and touch an abrek means communicating with serious and unyielding man.

Dreaming of an abrek means to get acquainted with a Caucasian. See this man in a dream means unrest in the Caucasus, which you will also be involved in. Dreaming of the mountaineer means meeting with a cruel man.

To see him in the dream in the old clothes means that soon you will succeed in your affairs due to cold prudence, courage, ingenuity and ruthlessness.