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Abroad - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of foreign countries, you will receive profits associated with pleasure. If you travel to unknown impassable places, chances are that you will reject the attacks of enemies or resist the dangerous disease. If you traveled abroad on mountainous or desert terrain, this dream predicts that in reality the success will be replaced by disappointment and significant losses.

If you walk on the blossoming field somewhere abroad, it foretells blessedness and well-being. If you travel abroad by car, it is a herald that in reality you will start an interesting journey. A trip in a crowded car heralds cheerful companions and successful adventure.

According to Miller, traveling to foreign countries promises good luck and success in business life and in love. If you walk through unfamiliar dark terrain, then you have to go through the danger or serious illness.

If you climb the cliffs where nothing grows, it is a bad dream. Most likely, soon you will experience the run of bad luck. Get ready for the frustration and unhappiness. If you saw hills and mountains abroad, with beautiful flowering trees, this dream has a positive meaning.

If you were driving a car with strangers, it tells that you are going to have an interesting acquaintances and exciting journey.

If you dream of friends, who happily prepare to go on a trip abroad, foretells positive life changes. If the departure of friends is accompanied by sorrow, then be ready for sad and long separation.

A dreaming as if you had suddenly come back from abroad foretells successful completion of a large project.

According to Freud, a dream in which you went in a trip abroad, symbolizes worries, fear and anxiety of impending death. If you get you bags ready for a trip abroad in a dream, be ready for upcoming death in your surroundings. If you send someone abroad, it indicates your worries about this person’s life.

But the imperial dream book says that overseas in a dream is a signal of the need to change attitude towards yourself. When seeing a dream, all the negative emotions (fear, shame, distrust, and so on.) begin to penetrate into the areas of memory, which has long been banned. The dream shows us that all of these emotions gradually become obsolete; as a result an unhealthy person finally achieves harmony with oneself, and looks at the world with new eyes, free from negativity.