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Abscess - Meaning of Dream

If you see an abscess in your dream this is a bad sign. Beware of danger related to your health. But if you don’t delay, the problem can be solved successfully. Your body shows you a signal about hidden disease. If you see that an abscess appeared suddenly - in real life you are in danger of serious illness. However, if you start a treatment in time you will be able to avoid a trouble.

If you try to treat abscess by yourself, it this means that in real life you can solve your problems alone. If you dream that you heal an abscess alone, it means that in reality you will be able to overcome own difficulties.

For a young woman, a dream in which she breaks an abscess on her lover’s body means that she will be wise enough to avoid the looming conflict that could lead to a separation. To break an abscess on the body of your beloved one, for men – means that you have to be cleverer in order to save important romantic relations.

If you have it on your hand, it means that soon you will be in the center of conflict with your colleagues. Try to avoid possible conflict at work. Someone will try to provoke you, but your good performance will depend only on your composure and endurance.

If you dream about a doctor who breaks your abscess, it means that soon you will solve a problem that has long bothered you and didn’t give you peace of mind.

Dreaming of pus appearing from an abscess means a complete success in business. For men, this dream means that he will shortly receive an unexpected monetary benefit.