All you need to know about your night dreams.

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Abstraction - Meaning of Dream

To see in a dream an abstract image signals about few problems: oversleep, which has constant nature, predisposition to diseases, high development of dreamer in his own sub-consciousness analyses, and development of conscious dream perception ability.

Abstract dreams with obscure, vague and incomprehensible plots and surreal images, with which some of dreamer’s actions can’t be described tell about the four possible states of a dreamer: chronic oversleeping, illness (physiological, nervous), incorrect and improper interpretation of own dreams, and advancement - deep spiritual practical work with own subconscious, as well as the approach to the level of awareness of the dreams.

To be on an exhibition of absurd paintings and observe absurd art in the pictures means insoluble problem. If you admire such painting, it will be difficult for you to manage some questions/issues. Now your life is full with unfinished undertakings which have accumulated in a huge pile and now you are drowning in it. Try to concentrate and divide your problems in small portions. One by one pull it from a pile, and very soon you will feel a great improvement and relief.

If you condemn absurd art, it means that the problem will be solved within a decade. So your efforts will bring great results and any problems won’t burden you in the near future.

If you buy an absurd painting in your dream – very soon you might suffer a physical harm. So try to avoid walking at night, or decrease the weigh/load in sports. It is better to take care of own health at this period of life.