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Absurd/Nonsense - Meaning of Dream

If in your dream you see nonsense happening on your work place, it means that you will receive the task which will cause you losing courage, and you will start doubting own competence. But such thoughts in real life can be wrong and you don’t have to deny new orders. Your dream means that your fears are completely groundless. You have bigger potential than you can imagine. Don’t trust all your feelings, which sometimes can be erroneous.

Abracadabra (meaningless set of signs, letters and words especially in color) in a dream means that in your real life chaos and mess will take primary place, both at home and in private life. Also abracadabra means eradication of disease.

Itself absurd as an abstract concept is unlikely to be seen in anyone’s dream, but absurd situations can arise very often in a dream. For example, you are a witness of some events in your family that can’t be true in real life, the dream lets you know that you are too focused on family problems and are confident that nobody can solve it except you. In fact, you should more coolly and soberly assess own capabilities, and then everything will be much easier.

If an absurd situation arose in your dream at your work, the dream means that soon you will be charged with a great deal, but you are not confident in own power, it seems to you that you are unworthy of it, and that you won’t be able to perform the task as needed. Your dream says that all your fears are groundless. You have much more potential than you think. Don’t trust too much to your own feelings, which sometimes are mistaken.

If you dream that you behave an absurd and illogical situation with a stranger, the dream prognoses a quick change of your surrounding and environment. It may be an acquaintance with a new person, with whom you'll spend a lot of time together; or change of your job, which somehow will determine people you communicate with.