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Abundance - Meaning of Dream

A dreaming about abundance in most cases is a reflection of your desire for material prosperity and wealth, which is bordered with greed and consumer attitude towards life. Sometimes this dream indicates the fact that you show jealousy of other people’s success. Yet you can do anything substantial to improve your financial condition significantly. In this case you only complain about unfair life. For a young unmarried woman a dream, in which she sees herself in the fabulous abundance of everything she desired, is a bad omen that promises deception, sadness and poverty. In the near the future the dreamer will really live in luxury and spend time for fun, but this period of her life will quickly end, and after all she will be poor, neglected and lonely.

According to Miller’s interpretations, the dreams of abundance have a particular importance especially for girls and young women, as they serve as a warning to representatives of fair sex of the futility of unrealistic desires and the dangers of inaction and laziness. If the girl dreams that she is surrounded by the abundance of all kinds of wealth, probably now the current situation satisfies her, but she does not stop seeking for more material wealth. This dream also suggests that the behavior of the dreamer does not currently contributes to the fulfillment of her dreams of abundance in reality, as laziness and lack of decisive vigorous action for achievement of the goals will soon become the cause of disappointment.