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Abuse - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you see strangers quarreling in front of you, this is a prediction of problems at work but they will not affect your affairs. In reality it is recommended to be afraid of quarrels and depression.

If you were abused in a quarrel in a dream – you will succeed and will be happy, but the person who wished you ill will get into huge trouble.

If you abused your spouse or someone of your relatives, you will have big problems related to the failure of your funding.

If you swear to yourself, the dream states that you rely on your conscience or suffer because of reckless acts. Cursing with young children foretells a lot of troublesome conversations, showdown or even criticism.

If you hear someone quarreling, this dream foretells happiness, success and joy, perhaps moving up the career ladder and a new offer of cooperation, which will bring huge profits.

If you curse in a dream, it foretells soon offense. If you abuse a stranger, the dream heralds a new occupation. This dream may be prophetic - it may happen that in reality a person will quarrel exactly for the same reason like in a dream.

Abuse in a dream reflects the dreamer’s desire to be unique. This dream is often seen by young people, it represents all the emotions experienced by the dreamer. If in a vision a dreamer feels that he/she is right, then in reality the past offenses don’t let him/her live a happy life.

Quarrel with a loved one foretells unexpected expenses; with relatives - the loss of respect; with friends - loneliness. If you abuse someone with cursing, the dream foretells illness and depression, so it is better to restrain the bad and negative emotions.

If you dream that you have quarreled with someone, then you will have to undergo a showdown with this person, and you will be annoyed because of this.

Cursing at home is a sign that you waste your time and effort for nothing.

If you quarrel with your boss, the dream indicates that you should restrain your emotions with business partners or work colleagues, to save your business and not to lose the position.

Abuse and the desire to swear is a consequence of inner anger, the cause of which is the fear of something or someone; in turn, the fear is generated by uncertainty of own strength and a feeling of being dependant on the situation.

The dirtier and more sophisticated were your words the bigger the problem you should expect.