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Abyss - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which you see yourself on the edge of the abyss, portends danger, regret, and loss. In reality you will experience grief, chores and panic.

Abyss, according to a modern dream book, can predict the apparent loss of property, a significant complication of relations because of the constant strife with a partner.

If you fall down in the abyss, it is a bad omen. The danger on your way threatens you with waste, loss of money or a loved one. Moreover, if you hear the sound of a hit on the ground, this period of your life will be prolonged, unhappy and morally serious.

If you woke up before landing, it means that you will be able to overcome all trials and tribulations. Such a dream may also indicate a nerve overload that is a result of imaginary danger and false caution.

A dream, in which you were lucky enough to get around the abyss avoiding falling, promises a successful evasion of the global turmoil.

Abyss, in a dream book by Miller, is a harbinger of the loss of property, the obstacles on the path of life caused by the disorder in the relationship. A woman, who sees abyss in a dream, will overtake unwanted difficult cares. To fall into an abyss in a dream means to face with a deep sense of dissatisfaction caused by illusory hopes.

In a dream you stand on the edge of abyss, it means that you need to work hard in order to reach success, on the way to your goal you will encounter a lot of troubles.

If you see yourself falling down into abyss, soon something extraordinary will happen to you.

If you push somebody from a cliff into an abyss, it is a sign of confusion and bustle around you.

To know that abyss is somewhere close, but don’t see it and be afraid to fall down means that you are surrounded by lie.