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Acacia - Meaning of Dream

Blooming acacia in your dream means that you will experience sincere feelings of love, which will not bring you happiness in life. If you hurt yourself with acacia thorn – you will suffer from your trustfulness. Don’t refuse help from your surroundings.

You see a plot of land surrounded with acacia, it means that you want to demark your private relations from relations with colleagues.

To walk along an alley with acacia, means that you risk provoking numerous family problems. You need to refuse all proposals from business partners, even if it will be profitable.

To rest in acacia’s shadow mean that soon you will be inspired with good news.

For sick/ill people, to see acacia blooming and with green leaves, it is a signal of fast relief. If in a dream the tree doesn’t have leaves you need to pay closer attention to your health.

To climb an acacia tree means that soon you will have a journey. If a tree is blooming – the trip will cause you pleasant memories.

If an acacia tree is yellow – your love will soon cool down. If a tree is broken – you love is finished.

If you feel admiration to a blooming acacia tree in your dream, due to dream interpretation you will be surprised with somebody’s beauty.

To feel the smell of acacia tree means that your beloved one will let you know about him/herself.