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Academician - Meaning of Dream

Academician in a dream means that you will receive some news which will change everything in your life.

If you get this title – you are too self-confident in real life, and this will be a barrier on your way to success. You don’t pay attention to the desires of others and think that it is not your problem. Nevertheless, your successful future depends on your ability to listen to other people and realize the wishes of others. After all they will help you and support in difficult situations on your way to success.

To meet an academician in new surrounding, means that you are tired of people around you. If you want, you can change your surroundings, but remember that it is very difficult to make new friends in unknown sphere.

If you analyze academician private life in your dream, it means that you criticize people too much. That will not bring you any profit, and will only make you suffer from critics of other people.

If you call your son an academician, it means that soon in your life everything will change for better.

If your wife leaves you and moves to academician, in real life you are not confident in your independence.

To be an academician means that you will be rich. Not suddenly, but with some time, you will realize what is your soul occupation, and you will spend all time and energy at work that you love, and hence earn a lot of money.