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Academy - Meaning of Dream

To be inside of an academy in your dream means that you will suffer because once you didn’t use your chance. You still remember the opportunities of your past and you can’t go further because of that. If you want to get out of stagnation – you need to remember, that the past will never repeat, but you still have opportunities in the future, if you don’t close your eyes on it.

To be in a head of an academy, means that you will not reach your goals. You will not be able to use your knowledge and skills. That is because you are too self-confident and people would not have a chance to notice your abilities, before they decide to deny your work, because of your character.

To see the academy from outside means that you will gain quite significant personal progress. If you concentrate on your work – it will be easier for you to finish it in time and get good experience.

If you see a plate with the name of an academy you need to relax, and analyze your deeds less. You concentrate on affairs too much. Not everything depends only on your work. Let other people do something for the benefit of your company.

To have a walk inside of an academy means that you need some help from your fellow man.

To be a student of an academy means that your relations in your surroundings will improve.

If you see an academy in fire, it means that you will not receive desired letters or news for a long time.