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Acari (ticks, mites) - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed that acari crawled all over your body, get ready for grief and concerns associated with well-being. Moreover, the deterioration of health and spending for essential medicines can affect both you and your family.

Crawling tick on the tree reflects the enemies who are jealous to your well-being and are ready to invade your property.

If you dream of a mite sinking into your skin, it is a bad dream; it is a harbinger of a serious illness, which can be treated only in a hospital.

Crushed acari warn against frivolous choice of partners, especially participating in monetary transactions. Acari seen in the garden, or in the house, symbolize the enemies that haunt your comfortable existence. A lot of ticks portend problematic, unreliable company in which you may find yourself. Such a dream is a warning for particularly gullible people, who are easily influenced by new friends.

The interpretation of dreams depends on the sex and age of a dreamer, as well as the date of birth. For example, for dreamers born in autumn months, a dream about mites is highly undesirable, because this dream is a harbinger of epilepsy.

For people born in winter or spring, the tick in a dream portends a very dangerous enemy. If a dreamer brutally crushed the parasite, for sure he/she will face the machinations of enemies.

A dream is an ordinary phenomenon in human life. Each of us periodically sees different dreams. They can be absolutely about any subject and duration, and differ with mood and saturation. Using the dream, our subconsciousness is trying to tell us some important information or to warn us about significant events. In the dreams people can see the circumstances of the past and the future, friends and family, different animals and insects. For example, a tick is most likely to be seen by person who will get sick soon.

If you take a tick out of the animal, it is likely that you will need to visit and take care of someone in a hospital.

Huge, full with blood mites are seen as a sign of severe struggle for personal dignity. If you dreamed as if someone crushes acari, it heralds the insidious enemies’ plans.

Unsuccessful attempts to pull out deep sinking acari portend an unpleasant meeting with creditors.

For a woman, a tick in a dream as a rule foretells distress and some health problems. Chances are that you will look after a patient in a hospital. Also mites in a dream may portend pain. Tick, crawling over the body in a dream, foretells poverty, disease and despair.

A dream, in which you spotted a mite, can also warn of serious mental injury. If you noticed many mites, you can rejoice - they forebode incredible luck. Another interpretation of a dream about acari states that it's time to stop wasting money and health for nothing.