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Accent - Meaning of Dream

In the dream you talk to somebody and he/she has a very bad foreign accent, it is the reflection of your estrangement. You think that nobody understands you and your ideas.

If you speak with an accent in your dream, it means that you will bother yourself for nothing. You need to change your methods of acting; otherwise you will not reach anything you planed.

If your friend’s accent disturbs your attention and you can’t understand his speech, the dream means that you are too skeptical with somebody without a reason. If accent doesn’t disturb your understanding, it means that soon you will settle down and enjoy your life.

If you understand this defect but don’t pay attention for accent, this is a sign of your interest in new information.

In the case, you hear a conversation in a dream in a foreign language, but you understand the essence of what has been said without apparent effort, it may mean an approaching trip. It can have both professional and tourist reason.

Such a dream can mean the possibility of upcoming acquaintance with foreign residents and a long chat with them, which is quite understandable if you have to visit a foreign country. If you talk to the higher beings, such as angels - it is considered necessary to listen to their words, because they are right and can tell you the right things.