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Accessories - Meaning of Dream

To buy a lot of accessories for clothing in your dream means that you are not happy in relationships with your family. You try to compensate it with loud entertainment outdoors. Sometimes it is not the best idea, because troubles and misunderstanding may even rise in your family because of this. It is better to concentrate and find the reason of your fights, and then easily solve it.

If you feel difficulties while choosing accessories in your dream, this means that you will not pay enough attention to your family because of your private problems. For some time you will forget that you have a family, and will be submerged with own worries. But don’t forget that they depend on you and need you all the time. Your problems are their problems, so it is better to share the information and solve it together.

To help a friend to choose accessories in the dream means that soon you will be involved in creative occupation. You will be happy to finally find your place in society and enjoy your life fully.

If you try to pick up/choose some modern and fashionable accessories for yourself, the dream means that soon you will face disease or loss. Your life might change dramatically, possible break up with the partner who is very pressures to you. It is better if you retell this dream to someone of your close people or to the mirror, if you want it not to come true. If you value your relations and future life, you will do all possible in order this dream remain just a dream.