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Accident - Meaning of Dream


Accident is a symbol of the danger that can happen suddenly or after a while. This dangerous sign should not be left unattended. After all, if it is ignored, this omen has all chances to be true.

However, there are certain nuances that change the interpretation to a completely opposite meaning. Therefore, we must try to remember all the details that are seen during the dream.

Primarily, accident due to Miller dream book is considered, as a symbol of something unfavorable. On the other hand, this is exactly the case when the awareness of the potential problem allows preparing for a trouble in time.

Accordingly, timely managed methods or amended plans will reduce losses to a minimum or even allow using the situation for own benefit. For example, getting into an accident, predicts unexpected circumstances that lurk in the near future. But if you dreamed of an accident such situation can be seen and recognized.

Also you should pay attention to the outcome of the accident which occurred on the road. Thus, the dream where an accident was successfully prevented is a good sign. It points out that even the most complex and confusing situation can’t become a hopeless deadlock. On the contrary, you will find a solution that would strengthen the authority and will help in further activities.

In a dream you drive past wrecked cars or see it in a distance, it is an occasion to think. Perhaps, in some situations you need to take control over the situation. Otherwise, other people's actions can cause a negative impact. Self-check of nuances will help to avoid it.

For a woman, the dream about accident means that soon she will experience an all-consuming passion for a man who would be extraordinary in all respects. This feeling will make her forget about everything, and she will experience minutes of extraordinary happiness. It may happen that she will be connected with this man not only by love, but also by marriage.

If you dream that you are involved in the accident, it means conflict with people who are unfriendly and even hostile to you.

For people who are married, accident, seen in a dream, can mean changes in the relations with the husband or wife, and often not for the better. While it may mean the opposite, experience of new moments of family happiness.

If you dreamed of an accident on the roadway, it means that your business will soon be arranged. If cars collided on the sidewalk, it is a sign that the actions taken by you recently, will only bring you benefit in your business.

If you were injured in the accident, it means that you will experience, what is humiliation, betrayal and blows to your ego.