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Accompaniment - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which you perform poetry with own guitar accompaniment portends you happiness in love.

To see yourself playing accompaniment in your dream means that soon you will be pleased with enjoyable events.

To hear like somebody is playing accompaniment means that good news will make you happy.

According to many dream books, a dream in which there is an accompaniment means that in the coming days you need to be able to relax and not to pay attention to the stimuli - especially small ones. It is better to avoid enemies, try not to talk too much and do not do anything that could compromise you.

The interpretation of a dream in which there is an accompaniment could mean unsuccessful efforts and quarrels, but if you try not to conflict, then after a few days you will receive an unexpected reward for your patience.

Interest of humanity to the interpretation of dreams is caused, first of all, by a little desire to lift the veil of the future, and be able to know something in own destiny. From ancient times, people were interested in hidden meanings of dreams as a belief that if you dream about a certain thing, or action, it means something. It is worth noting that at different times it was decided to interpret dreams differently, but not so long ago in the lives of people began to appear so-called dream books, which become a bit of encyclopedias of the dreams.