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Accordion - Meaning of Dream

If you have a dream in which you hold an accordion in your hands and you play it, this dream will help you to solve all possible problems in reality. This might happen very soon and your bad mood will change for peace of mind and ease.

If you hear a fake play on the accordion, it means that someone of your friends will get sick. So, be ready, as he/she will need your support and understanding. If false sounds finally turn into a beautiful melody, you will get to know about a fast recovery of this friend.

For people born in summer, the dream about accordion will bring sadness and longing for lost time or missed chances in life. However, it is not necessary to rush into battle and take some aggressive moves. Perhaps circumstances will cause a man to think that his wife is the best, and he will not find anyone like her.

To dream of an accordion, it is a symbol of the upcoming entertainment events, in which you will directly take part.

If you hear melodic sounds of this musical instrument, it means that you will have passionate mutual eternal love. It will be as harmonious as the melody played on the accordion.

For unmarried woman, to dream about accordion in own hands, and hear how she plays on it, predicts long-awaited meeting with someone she loves. But maybe it will happen during some not very good events.

When the dreamer hears the sounds of the accordion in a dream, it means that in reality he/she will be relieved of a terrible load, and he/she will gain inner peace and harmony.

If a woman sees that her husband plays beautifully on the accordion, the dream symbolizes that she will have to fight a rival if only she wants to preserve the relationships.

For people, who were born in autumn, if they see themselves playing on the accordion, it means that they will meet the love of their lives and will be happy for a long time.

If you hear sounds of accordion and bad melody, it is a sign of indecision and fear for own prosperity and family. This suggests that you have a pretty shaky and unstable financial position, which you will have to build and restore.

Accordion sounds may reflect the internal state of the dreamer. When they are beautiful and euphonious, it symbolizes a complete idyll of human body and soul. Whenever you see an accordion in your dream, remember that this is a favorable dream, and all the rest if you don’t mind, may not mean anything. The main thing is to be able to avoid bad conclusions.

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