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Accumulator - Meaning of Dream

To see accumulator in your dream means that in real life you will gain success in exchange trade. This will bring good results, and increase in profit.

If the accumulator in your car runs out of energy it means that your business and affairs will not develop fast.

Sometimes, if you dream of accumulator, it heralds about the period when you need to reduce physical and mental stress, and to have more rest. This must be done because it will soon be very useful for the accumulation of vital energy.

A dream, in which you see that somebody has stolen your accumulator, or it broke completely - means that your friend, whose support you were expecting for, will betray you. Because of this, you will have more complications at work and in personal life. Sometimes, the dream indicates that you will fail at work because of the fact that you start a deal, which is very tough for you.

If you find your accumulator in the dream, it is a good sign, because in this case you will successfully avoid all the hassles prepared for you by cruel fate.

If you charge the accumulator in the dream, it indicates that you will aggressively pursue your goal.

A dream, in which you see the battery die predicts worsening of health, and obstacles in affairs, frustration and discouragement.

If you dream that you disassemble the battery, it may be a signal that you should make greater efforts to implement your plans.