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Acorn - Meaning of Dream

Mature acorn in the modern dream book is a harbinger of substantial income, and welfare. If you pick up and collect ripe undamaged acorns, it is a sign of happiness, prosperity, and satisfaction with own life. A dream, in which you take the acorns from the ground, portends the possible birth of twins or the achievement of difficult but significant success.

If you use acorns in your food, this dream portends the rapid enrichment. If you shake acorns off the oak branches, it bodes that your wishes will be surely fulfilled. Green acorns predict positive changes.

Last year spoiled acorns signify of dreamer’s poor judgment. The inability to take a longer view causes the mistakes and losses.

Miller interpreted acorns as upcoming joyful events. A dreamer, who gathered acorns from the ground, will encounter recognition and success as a reward for hard and monotonous work.

If a woman eats acorns in a dream, her life is going to become even more interesting and secured.

If you collected spoiled, rotten, or green acorns, this dream doesn’t bode anything good.

Roma believed that the acorns in a dream will not let a dreamer realize own dreams and desires. However, it is important to set goals and plan own life, because in the distant future it can lead to unbelievable success.

A dream in which you see acorns, suggests that you have a strong features, it is only important to set own energies in the right direction.

Acorns can also be seen as a sign of positive changes in life. Knowing the circumstances of a dream, you can answer the question about acorns meaning.

If you climbed a tree and threw acorns down, it's a sure sign that you will be lucky in love.

If you dreamed of acorns, it tells that you are experiencing the beginning of a new stage of feelings; thus do not hurry to move to the next level in the relationship with the object of your sympathy. Let your communication be platonic for some time.

Esoteric dream book warns that acorns growing on the oak are harbingers of disease. If you have a slight heath disorder, hurry to treat it, otherwise the disease will develop into a serious one. If you collect and eat acorns in a dream, you need to reconsider your diet: unhealthy diet may cause digestive problems.