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Acquaintance - Meaning of Dream

Your acquaintance with the representative of opposite sex signals that in real life you have high level of creativity, but you feel that they are not fully claimed.

A new acquaintance hints about a necessity to take actions in order to realize the potential. If you do not do it in time, you risk experiencing a bitter disappointment.

If you find an advertisement in a newspaper and you want to meet a person, it tells that you used to limit yourself to the most basic things. For this reason, you do not have the freedom of action, without which the path to success is impossible.

If you become acquainted with a person on the street, it signals of your desire to change your social circle. If you made the acquaintance of a new employee at work, in reality you want to present a pleasant gift to some of you relatives.

A dream, as if you feel the desire to make the acquaintance of a person, whom you like, but you have no idea how to do that, it tells that you tend to be indecisive and think about every step for too long. This causes you serious problems and leads to various complexes.

In Miller’s dream book the desire to get acquainted with a person existing in real life, indicates that in reality you will be able to implement this desire. If a person, whom you don’t like, wanted to get acquainted with you, in reality there is a risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases. This is a warning that you should care of your health. For a woman, the meeting with an interesting man indicates that she lacks vivid impressions, and she tends to get them.

Freud believed that acquaintance reflects your main feature of character, namely shyness. In addition, you have rather low self-esteem, and it is groundless. That is why the communication with strangers is extremely difficult for you. In real life, you avoid dating because you have the opinion that new relationship is the betrayal in relation to the old ones. This problem can be solved when you realize that previous relations can’t be renewed, the time has passed. You must live in present time, not in the past. If you look around you will be surprised to notice that person, from your usual circle of friends, dream to have more serious relationship with you.