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Acrobat - Meaning of Dream


Seeing an acrobat in your dream is an ambiguous symbol which has several interpretations.

It may be a favorable sign which denotes that you’ll be capable of getting out of troubles of different complexity (the same meaning has a dream in which you are an acrobat). Using your mother wit and optimism you’ll come off with a whole skin. It’s your distinguishable feature and advantage comparing to others. You’ll become very successful due to these qualities.

It may be a bad luck though. Such a dream forebodes that soon you may be confronted by unusual troubles unknown to you. You’ll probably find it difficult to cope with them, but not impossible. With the help of your diligence and determination the things will sort themselves out, and you will be taught an important lesson.

Being an acrobat in your dream betokens the burden of responsibility that will be laid upon your shoulders. To carry them out properly, you’ll have to neutralize your ill-wishers attempts to throw sand in your wheels. Be strong and don’t lose your heart if something doesn’t work out. Believe that everything is within your strength and don’t grudge pains and time to gain your goal.

Seeing how an acrobat is performing tricks under a big top forebodes new exciting feelings in the nearest future. These feelings can be of romantic nature. Be ready to lay bare your heart because very soon you’ll meet someone special. Maybe, he/she will become the sense of your life, who knows?

If it is you who are doing stunts, soon you’ll get everything you deserved. Your efforts will be paid high tribute. Also, it means that you’ll astonish everybody with some decision or action. They’ll consider you an unpredictable person. There is a hope that you’ll take their breath away with something good.

If an acrobat has suddenly fallen, it is a bad sign. It presages that you may be offended or betrayed. Also, it may indicate serious financial hardship. Be alert! Don’t trust fully anybody. Even the closest friends may be betrayers. Additional check of your financial documentation won’t be out of place at all. Put it in order and take everything under your control.

Being an acrobat and perfecting your technique suggests that you are tortured by some obsessional idea. If you make all necessary efforts, you’ll obligatory bring it to life. What is needed from you is diligence and patience.

Seeing an acrobat who is rehearsing on an empty arena refers to a lull period in your life. There will be neither progress nor regress in your business and private relationships. It is time when you have to wait. Use it with benefits. Maybe, it is a good idea to rest, devote yourself to your family, travel, find hobby, renovate your apartment/house, etc.

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