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Address - Meaning of Dream

Address is a desire to inform somebody about you and a desire for commutation.

In a dream you give your address to somebody, it is a warning that you might be deceived or cheated.

If you give it on a celebration it is a bad sign of unpleasant news.

If you write your address on the envelope, it means that you expect something which will not come true.

If you see like somebody receives an address, it is a sign that you will receive not very good news.

In a dream you get to know somebody’s address, it means that soon you will have changes in life.

If you try to find the lost note with an address you need, it means that in real life you try to reach something in vain.

If you tell your friend’s address to somebody, in real life some of your folk will suffer.

To turn the pages of an address book means that soon you will have increase in members of your family.

In a dream you receive some kind of a precious parcel, but you can’t see the addressee very clearly, such a dream means that in real life you don’t trust your surroundings.

You try to send something via post, but you forget the addressee, in real life you will start unprofitable business.

To receive your letter back with the note that an addressee doesn’t live there anymore warns about danger, this can overtake some of your fellow men.

To open a postbox and notice a lot of letters from unknown people, such a dream indicates your desire to be famous and appreciated.