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Adenoids - Meaning of Dream

To remove adenoids in your dream means that in real life you will solve all your problems. You will overcome all obstacles on your way.

To dream that your throat is bleeding means that in reality you will repent of your deeds.

If you dream of a sore throat, then in reality you will have problems with it. Often this dream foretells sadness that everything in life is done not as it was planned, and hopes die one after another.

You must pull yourself together and not become discouraged, otherwise such mood will bring you into depression, from which only experienced psychologist will be able to get you out.

Cut throat in the dream means arrival of distant relatives who will not please you with their presence, but because of respect to your spouse you will have to endure the situation. For a woman, such a dream promises chores around the house and fatigue, but if she pretends to be sick, she will be able to avoid it.

If a person examines his throat and sees lots of ulcers, it foreshadows serious illness that will be difficult for you to overcome.

A throat and details of a dream about it can be interpreted in different ways. Depending on what exactly you see in your dream you can have the correct interpretation and find a complete answer.

If you have a lump in your throat, this dream foretells offense, it means that you are a very vulnerable person and take everything too close to your heart. You should learn how to disengage from events and not react to everything what people say.