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Adjika sauce - Meaning of Dream

If you feed somebody with adjika sauce in your dream, in real life your friends will be very helpful. No matter what you ask them and what time of the day it will be, they are always ready to help. That is because once you showed them how important they are to you. Maybe other people are envy to your friendship and try to break it with all possible methods, but you shouldn’t react to them. You will never find such friends again.

If you eat adjika sauce alone, you will face unpleasant period in life, which will be difficult to manage and overcome. Perhaps in the past you did something, which offended people around you. You didn’t pay attention to that situation, but everybody remember. And now when you need them, they will recall memories about those times and will try to revenge you, and leave you alone with your troubles.

If you cook adjika sauce in your dream, it means that your real life is filled with rush and vanity, you will not know from where to start. First of all, the seriousness of the overall condition is just your illusion. You need to organize all your deals and it will be easier to see what really requires close attention and what can be postponed for some time.

To be a lady and to buy adjika sauce means that her private and intimate life will be disordered. If she wants to be happy and amaze men around, it is not necessarily to have intimate relations with all of them. Sometimes by making a correct choice and spending time with one of them, it can give much more, then spending energy to all of them.