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Adjutant - Meaning of Dream

Adjutant means success, honor and glory. You will gain all of that because of your persistence and hard work. If you see such a character in a dream – be sure, you can occupy the leading position in your sphere of activity. Your hard working nature will help you to transfer your efforts into a profitable business. People will respect you for being busy and at the same time socialized. Friends will admire your will and energy, and will set you as an example.

To be an adjutant in a dream means that you will do something important, but nobody will appreciate it. In this case on contrary your work and efforts will not be noticed. But you shouldn’t get upset. If these people don’t see your efforts, there will be other who will. You just need to wait for some time and then all your work will be awarded.

If you meet an adjutant in your dream, somebody will show his/her gratitude to you. Because you get used to help a lot of people, you might even forget the situation and the person, but it will be pleasant for you to receive thanks and sincere gratefulness.

In you dream that somebody of your surrounding gained this title, due to dream interpretation you will suffer from injustice. If your friend becomes an adjutant, he/she will be in trouble. And it will be your responsibility to help him/her. The situation might appear very difficult, as first of all it is not your problem, and second – your friend has been postponing its solution for very long time. But together, by adding your knowledge and experience you will be able to get rid of troubles.

Sometimes adjutant means a letter from far countries. Maybe you have applied to some program long time ago and already forget about it, and now you might receive an answer. For men – possible arrest, for woman – changes in the state.