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Administrator/manager - Meaning of Dream

You see an administrator giving you orders, it means that in real life you will be worried because of unreasonable grounds. There are a lot of reasons to worry when it is necessary, so relax, as this time has yet not come. It is better to enjoy it while troubles have yet not come.

If you wait for an administrator and he is not coming, it is a sign that your plans will collapse. Whether it is a small or a big project, it is better to finish it as fast as possible, because it will not bring any pleasure, and if you continue developing the idea, it will only cause you big expenses.

If you fight with administrator because of some missing or stolen things, you need to change your surroundings; there are a lot of people you don’t really like.

To be an administrator means your fast promotion, or even occupation change. For a lady to see such a dream means that her partner will please her with unexpected present.

To get acquainted with a woman-administrator means that you need to be more careful and then everything will be good.

A dream where you see a hotel/restaurant administrator warns you about not necessary troubles, maybe somebody tries to distract your affairs. Be ready for difficulties, which can spoil your mood completely.