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Admiral - Meaning of Dream

To see an admiral in your dream means that in real life you will face difficulties in communication with your management. Try to solve the disorder in relations. Be ready for new trips.

If you argue with an admiral in a dream, in real life only such feature of character as restraint will help you to worthily solve your problems.

If you discuss something about admiral in your dream, it is a sign that your life needs to be filled with colors. You are not confident, and don’t know if your life is worthy.

To be an admiral in a dream means that if a dreamer tries hard he/she will be able to reach success and the work will be appreciated.

A dream where your fellow man becomes an admiral means that soon you will receive some good news through the letter.

For a lady, to see an admiral in a dream means that she will meet a military man and maybe they will start romantic relationships. For man, this is a sign of future recognition.

To see admiral’s funeral in a dream is a sign of the end in career. Perhaps you didn’t show good results in it, or this sphere was not actually yours. Try yourself in other field where you can pay more attention to the work itself and its benefits, without thinking of salary.

To talk to admiral means future meeting with important person, or your manager. The meeting will be devoted to something important, so don’t miss it.