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Admirer - Meaning of Dream

If you had admirers of incredible quantity in a dream, it tells that in reality you wish to have the same situation; however instead of acting you simply limn on water. On this account, it is necessary to reconsider own behavior and begin to move towards the goal.

For a creative person, if he/she does not have even one admirer, the dream indicates weariness of attention from the representatives of the opposite sex.

If you are followed by a loyal fan - in reality you will experience the feeling of loneliness, it may seem that there are neither enemies nor friends around.

If your fans and admirers talk much about your skills and talents – in reality, you will have a fairly long period of failures and losses. If your fan was seriously ill or died, the dream tells that you were devoted to this person, but you never received the slightest signs of reciprocity.

If a young girl can’t make a choice between two admirers, the dream bodes rash acts on her part in reality, and that will be the reason for gossips.

If your admirer turns in a completely different person right in front of your eyes, this is a sign that relationship with this individual will be quite complex.

If you received a present from an unknown admirer, the dream bodes that you will increase the list of requirements in relation to your lover, because of what you may suffer a serious discord in the relationship.

Knowing what an admirer means, you can easily predict events that are expected in the near future. For example, if a woman was an admirer of her partner’s amazing talent – she will have a happy and quiet life with her lover.

And if a man dreamed that he was a real fan, in reality he will have a stable financial situation and serene life with someone he loves.

If you are a fan of some well-known person, this dream may serve as a warning that soon you will be carried by business because of which you will completely forget about everything, and it can be dangerous. In this case, it is necessary to try not to overwork and to spend time with family.