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Adultery/Betrayal - Meaning of Dream

In your dream you choose adultery (in the meaning to betray) – in real life it indicates your desire to act against the law. Be careful, not always you will be able to avoid punishment, and you might greatly regret about it in future. With your actions you can harm not only yourself, but also feelings of other people who love you.

To do this with a friend of a girlfriend of your partner means to lose trust in relationships. Whether you suspect him or he suspects you in the betrayal, the result is one – you will start to have more secrets and will quarrel a lot about this.

If you force somebody who is younger than you to adultery, it means that you risk losing your partner. Maybe you are ready for new relations and soon this will come true. In any case prepare your partner for such news, because this might be a bolt from the blue for him/her.

If in a dream you resist the adultery, it is a very good sign, your relationships will be strong and nothing will break it.

If you are not married yet, but in the dream you see how you betray your husband, in real life you will have a lot of sexual partners, which will cause mixed feelings and disappointments. But anyways you will be able to make a correct choice, and that person will make you happy.

For a lady, such a dream means that she should be careful not to lose her beloved one. For a man, a dream warns about possible failures in affairs.