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Affliction - Meaning of Dream

What if in you dream of sadness/affliction as a separately existing character? The dream tells that you have a certain enemy or foe, or a person who is jealous about your success and wishes you evil. In this case, it is necessary to regard the content of this dream as a guide to action, and to be careful in choosing friends and close associates.

If you observe affliction of your domestic animals, it forebodes that your desires will be fulfilled behind time. If some of your friends or family members are afflictive, then maybe you will suffer parting from them. Such dreams are often seen by people whose work is connected with business trips. But sometimes these dreams appear in minds of people who have set and plan to manage impossible tasks. If you hear afflictive song, then most likely you will be offered tedious job, which will be impossible to reject.

Dreaming of affliction on children's faces is considered as a warning against rash acts that can prevent your further advancement through the ranks, and perhaps cause problems in family relations.

Sometimes sadness in a dream can be substituted by an irrepressible joy, in this case a dreamer should pay attention to own emotional balance, and the ability to make the correct and final decisions independently, and not shifting the responsibility onto others. This dream can be seen when a person stands on the verge of choosing between right and wrong decision that could affect the future life.

In this case pay attention to people nearby in a dream. If they are sad at the moment when the dreamer laughs, the choice will be wrong, and if on the contrary - he/she is on the right path, and in reality he/she should be persistent in achieving own goals.

Observing affliction causes obstacles on the way to progress. In some dream book this vision foretells separation from loved ones. There are dreams in which sadness is present as a separate being, a living creature. Such dreams are very rare, but they require special attention.

If you suffer affliction and cry, the dream bodes joyful life changes. If the sorrow is only exacerbated by various circumstances, the dream foretells the meeting with a reliable patron in business. Do not be afraid of the saddest state in the dream. Practice proves that the deepest sorrow in the dream heralds the most joyful events in reality, as well as a quick solution to existing problems.