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Agate - Meaning of Dream

To see agate in a dream means that your success in career will be significant. Love affairs are also pleasant. Now is your time, don’t lose the chance, maybe you will not have the same opportunity again. If you do everything correct you wellbeing will last for long.

If you buy agate, be ready for a long trip. If you choose agate for very long time before purchase, the trip might be complicated. Try to think through everything you are going to do there, and plan your time.

For a single lady this is a sign of soon marriage. So agate is a pleasant symbol of life change.

If a dreamer doesn’t have children, such dream guarantees a new birth.

For married woman with children, agate in the dream is a prognostic of big heritage. In other words financial stability is guaranteed for her.

If you are happy to see agate in your dream, it means that your affairs will develop easily. The boss will see your efforts and will prize you. If you are the boss, your company will succeed.

If you mine agate with great efforts, in real life you will need to work hard in order to gain positive results. Nevertheless, it will be not as difficult for you, because you got used to responsible and hard tasks.

To see agate as a part of jewelry means that you will suffer from temporary disease. Be careful with your health, and better check it with a doctor.