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Agent - Meaning of Dream

To be a secret agent in the dream means that your affairs and deals will collapse. Due to some reasons you will not be able to control and manage own business, and you will not have any trustful person to inherit it from you.

If somebody asks you to be his agent, in real life somebody who helps you will try to use you. Be careful with people around you.

If you are waiting for a meeting with an agent and he is late, such a dream indicates that you are not quite self-confident. Don’t let others underestimate your abilities and make jokes about it. Collect your will and strength and show everybody what you can do.

To see government agents on the street is the reflection of your wish to bring some colors into life. Perhaps, recently you didn’t go out a lot or didn’t have fun, and now you think that your life is very boring. You need some action, and you will be able to get it, if you gather all your energy and lead it in correct stream.

Your old friend became a secret agent, which is unpleasant news for you, such a dream tells you to forgive some old offenses. You can’t hold everything inside, it will influence your mental and physical health; therefore it is time to move on.

If you are a commercial agent, it means that your condition is not very stable.

If you see an insurance agent, it is a good sign - your deals will be successful.

If you see an adman – beware of risky investments.

To see an investigation agent means that you will gain recognition. But if you feel guilt in such a dream, it is a bad sign - your folks will turn backs on you. To be an investigation agent by yourself means that your business will not bring any results.