All you need to know about your night dreams.

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Aggregate - Meaning of Dream

Aggregate is a reflection of a dreamer’s creative energy, his/her wish for long-lasting systematic repeat of the same actions. It means that you are tired from secrets and you want to live a stable life, and be sure in your future. You like to plan everything and get very upset if your plans are not realized.

To receive a present with aggregate which you don’t know how to use, it means that on this stage of life you are not self-confident, and you don’t believe in your strength and power. Beware, and avoid adventures.

If you see your work place filled with new modern aggregates – be ready for positive changes in your life, especially your intimate life will be successful.

Some of your friends invented an aggregate and outstripped you in competition, the dream means that you desire for competition with your surroundings, and you are not quite confident with somebody who is better than you.

If you cannot collect all the details of a well-known aggregate, in real life you can be trapped in unknown situation, which can lead to stress. The only way out, is to collect all your knowledge and experience and find the most appropriate solution.

If a lady receives a present with aggregate from a man, her relationships with a partner will move to a new stage, they will become closer and more confident.